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Please share your input and feedback.

Phase I Concept Plan

The Phase I plans shown here highlight the first phase to be implemented as part of the Master Plan. This plan focuses on constructing the basic pathway infrastructure to form the base for future improvements as well as some small nodes of activity.

Elements funded using the Florida Communities Trust grant can be seen labeled on the plan.


These include:

  1. Nature Trail

  2. Picnic Pavilion

  3. Recognition Sign

  4. Interpretative Signs

  5. Parking Areas

  6. Bicycle Parking Stands

  7. Pedestrian and Bicycle Access

  8. Landscape Improvements/Natural Areas

Additional improvements are to be completed as part of future phases.

Check out the Resources page for plan PDF download.

Click to enlarge.

2020.09.01 - GAI - Rolling Hills - Phase

Let us know what you think.

Use the activity below to share your thoughts about the plan.

Phase I Feedback​

Here you can provide feedback on the Rolling Hills Park Phase 1 Concept Plan. The Phase 1 Concept Plan shown in the map features primary and secondary trails throughout the project area, as well as the following six areas of interest:


  1. Park Central Trailhead

  2. Northwest Entrance

  3. Southwest Trailhead

  4. Lake Jeanette Terraces

  5. Northeast Trailhead

  6. Amphitheater

How to leave feedback

  1. Select a Comment Type -- Like or Dislike

  2. Navigate to a specific location on the map where you would like to add a comment.

  3. Click the location on the map to drop the marker.

  4. Type your comment in the 'Comment' box.

  5. Click 'Save'.

That's it! You can add as many comments as you'd like!

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