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Seminole County Concept Plan

In 2019, Seminole County undertook the effort to develop a Conceptual Master Plan for the Rolling Hills Community Park. Take a look at the plan developed for the property including concepts for each former golf hole below. This plan addressed an overall design concept and philosophy for the park including the development of a paved, multipurpose trail with associated trail amenities throughout the property.

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Rolling Hills Master Plan developed by Seminole County shows a primary trail connecting through the Rolling Hills property with various activity nodes along the way.

Check out the Resources page for plan PDF downloads.

The 2019 Conceptual Plan establishes basic guiding principles for the development of the Community Park. You can explore the presentation developed as part of this plan below and learn more about the approach taken to develop a vision for the park.

Based on the guidance created by this document, Seminole County is now developing a vision for the Phase I implementation of the park.

You can explore more of the vision for Phase I by clicking the link below.

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