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Phase I Trail & Park

The Rolling Hills Community Park Phase I Trail and Park Plan is shown below.  This plan focuses on constructing the primary multi-purpose trail, over 4 miles in length, connecting the entire geography of the park.  The alignment of the trail also responds to existing site conditions and future vision for the Park Places.  Finally, the Phase 1 Trail and Park includes areas of planting and park amenities, including elements funded in partnership with a grant from Florida Communities Trust (FCT), which are labeled on the plan.


These include:

  1. Nature Trail

  2. Picnic Pavilion

  3. Recognition Sign

  4. Interpretative Signs

  5. Parking Areas

  6. Bicycle Parking Stands

  7. Pedestrian and Bicycle Access

  8. Landscape Improvements/Natural Areas

Additional improvements are to be completed as part of future phases.

Check out the Resources page for plan PDF download.

Click to enlarge.

2020.09.01 - GAI - Rolling Hills - Phase


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Before & After


Enjoying an evening sunset on the new boardwalk over Lake Jeanette.

Trail Experience

Walking through The Portal Knolls, park-goers can experience events from different perspectives.


A quick educational stop on Lake Jeanette Terraces to read about the ecology of the park.

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