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Project Overview

The former Rolling Hills Golf Course, now owned and maintained by Seminole County, is intended to be re-developed into a public recreation amenity and environmental asset. A Conceptual Master Plan was developed for the property by Seminole County including concepts for each former golf hole, now referred to as parcels, that addressed an overall design concept and philosophy for the park including the development of a paved, multipurpose trail with associated trail amenities throughout the property. These concepts and the development program will include the Florida Communities Trust (FCT) Grant development requirements. 
This web site addresses possible improvements to the site allowing the users to review current site conditions, original concepts developed by Seminole County, and the evolution of this concept into a Phase 1 Master Plan.

Site Conditions

Explore existing site conditions

Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of the current Rolling Hills Site

2019 Concept Plan

Take a look at the previous plan and presentation

project overview
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