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Phase I Trail & Park

On October 13, 2020, the Board of County Commissioners approved the Rolling Hills Community Park Phase I Trail and Park Plan incorporating changes based on public feedback received through this website. A previous plan presented on this page can be found here.


Below is the video of the presentation given to BCC as well as the newly approved plan. 

​Thank you for your participation in the public input process.

The following changes were made to the original Phase I plan presented through this website in response to the public input received.

  • The Central Gathering parking area was removed and the existing parking lot shown to be renovated in Phase 1 to accommodate parking needs and reduce cut-through traffic.

  • The southwest trailhead was modified to remove the small parking area and restroom building in Phase 1.  A pedestrian connection to Raymond Ave. and a shade pavilion remain.

  • The Crane Cove area along North St. was more fully developed to serve as the southern park access point with parking, capitalizing on a parking area that was already in the plan and adding connecting sidewalks to the primary trail in the park.

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2020.11.16 - GAI - Rolling Hills - Phase

This plan focuses on constructing the primary multi-purpose trail, over 4 miles in length, connecting the entire geography of the park.  The alignment of the trail responds to existing site conditions and future vision for the Park Places.  The Phase 1 Trail and Park includes areas of planting and park amenities, including elements funded in partnership with a grant from Florida Communities Trust (FCT), which are labeled on the plan.


These include:

  1. Nature Trail

  2. Picnic Pavilion

  3. Recognition Sign

  4. Interpretative Signs

  5. Parking Areas

  6. Bicycle Parking Stands

  7. Pedestrian and Bicycle Access

  8. Landscape Improvements/Natural Areas

Additional improvements are to be completed as part of future phases.

Check out the Resources page for plan PDF download.

Before & After


Enjoying an evening sunset on the new boardwalk over Lake Jeanette.

Trail Experience

Walking through The Portal Knolls, park-goers can experience events from different perspectives.


A quick educational stop on Lake Jeanette Terraces to read about the ecology of the park.

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